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Curries & Dals

Red Curry
Mild red curry with meat alternative
14,95 CHF
Glow Up
Sweet potato curry with carrots, parsnip & mango
14,95 CHF
Carrot Dal
Creamy red lentil dal with harvest vegetables
14,95 CHF
Golden Curry
Creamy chickpea curry with pumpkin & spinach
14,95 CHF
Dal Delight
Lentil Dal with carrots, beans & sweet potato
14,95 CHF
Curry Up
Spicy chickpea-spelt curry with parsnip & ginger
14,95 CHF
Green Dal
Green lentil dal with tomato, parsnip & kale
14,95 CHF
Karma Korma
Chickpea-curry with string beans & cauliflower
14,95 CHF

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