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Buddha Bowls

Oriental Bulgur
Bulgur stir-fry with vegetables and meat alternative..
14,95 CHF
Romanesco Fresco
Quinoa-romanesco mix with sweet potato & herbs.
10,95 CHF14,95 CHF
Naked Falafel
Refreshing couscous with carrots & mini falafel
14,95 CHF
Green Boost
Green veggie mix with chickpeas, mint & mango
14,95 CHF
Forest Green
Asparagus & porcini on creamy, garlicky spelt
14,95 CHF
Ratatouille Romance
Ratatouille with eggplant, tomatoes & peppers
14,95 CHF
Cauli Comfort
Cauliflower-bulgur mix, brussels sprouts & parsnip
14,95 CHF
Chickpea Pepper Roast
Crispy Mediterranean oven veggie mix
14,95 CHF
Mustard Veggie Roast
Sweet-sour mustard-glazed oven veggie mix
14,95 CHF

Save 20% on your first order

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